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About Me

My name is Kristian Jackson, and I am not just a fitness enthusiast; I'm a catalyst for transformation. As an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and the driving force behind KJ Training LLC, I bring over 17 years of unwavering dedication to the gym, coupled with 3000+ hours of hands-on experience with clients.

My expertise spans a spectrum of disciplines, from strength training to weight loss, mobility enhancement, and instilling unshakable confidence in my clients. With a dynamic approach tailored to each individual, I've guided everyone from novices stepping into the gym for the first time to seasoned athletes seeking peak performance.

Drawing from my collegiate football career at Merrimack College, where I absorbed invaluable wisdom from top-tier strength and conditioning coaches, I've honed a coaching philosophy centered on empowerment and progress. 


After a stint in the corporate world, I realized my true calling lay in empowering others through fitness. I made the courageous decision to pivot, turning my passion into purpose and my expertise into a guiding light for those on their own transformative journeys.

Today, as the founder of KJ Training LLC, I stand as a beacon of inspiration, committed to elevating lives, one rep at a time. With every client, I embark on a shared mission of discovery, discipline, and triumph. Together, we rewrite narratives, shatter limitations, and sculpt bodies and minds into their strongest, most resilient forms.


Join me, and together, we'll unleash the full potential that resides within you.


Success Stories

"I started training with Kristian 2+ years ago after 30 years of avoiding the gym. Kristian is such a great person and coach, he gave me the confidence to push myself to achieve way more than I ever thought. You are never too old to start weight training and having fun doing it! "

Mary, 62

I began training with Kristian after years of battling miserable back pain and feeling constantly weak and fragile. Initially intimidated by the gym, I now find it hard to stay away. From the very start, he's guided me in training correctly and sustainably, instilling a positive mindset that boosts confidence both inside and outside the gym.

Jeremy, 29

I started training with Kristian about a year and a half ago. My onboarding process was seamless - he listened to my goals and what I wanted to focus on and created my tailored program, prioritizing strength and functionality. My results speak for themselves. I’m now able to squat and deadlift 2x the amount I could before - crazy! As someone who’s had personal trainers for most of my adult life - he’s really the best of best. 

Danielle, 33


Get in Touch with Kristian

188 Central St, Suite 4, Hudson, MA

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Tel: 508-523-425

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